SemiSpace has a module which allows JavaScript to communicate to an cometd-enabled webserver. The javascript interface mimics the Java interface as closely as possible.

We are presently using Cometd-2.x.

Overview of semispace-comet

The semispace-comet module of SemiSpace consists of the following parts:

semispace-comet-server The webapp which will answer the JavaScript queries
semispace-comet-client An emulation of the JavaScript client behaviour. Can be used for emulating a client for test purposes, or for bridging two server implementations
semispace-comet-common Transport objects and functionality shared between the client and server implementation
semispace-comet-webapp An example webapp, which gives you inspiration of how to configure your own
semispace-comet-app A standalone jetty server which you can easily run on the command line
JavaScript The web client functionality resides in JavaScript which you simply downloaded and add to your webapp


When using semispace-comet, you need to install / prepare the server side and the JavaScript side. On the server side is a matter of setting up the webapp with dependencies in a manner similar to semispace-comet-webapp (which indeed is an example). On the client side, you need to copy down the JavaScript files, and put them in the correct directories.

A good starting point is to examine the projects in semispace-comet, and semispace-comet-webapp in particular. That sub project contains examples of use.

Instructions for use: TBA

We are on the way of consolidating and organizing the examples in a manner that will suit a presentation like this better. However, we have not got around to do it yet. Sorry.

Dojo binding


JQuery binding